Daisy Wands


A LOVE OF FLOWERS! One wave of this handmade wand sends flowers and metallic colored sand gliding through liquid space. With a wave of your hand you can stir up a field of flowers, captivating the young and old.

Includes Daisy glitter and our reflective background beads. Handmade in the USA of quality acrylic, filled with non-drying food-safe oil and glitter. Size 6” long x 3/8” diameter.
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The minimum order is $100 – all wand types combined.
Up to 60 pieces fit in a small USPS flat rate box and up to 400 fit a medium flat rate box.
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** Colors shown in the photo from left to right:  Silver, Light Pink, Lime Green, Red, Purple, Light Blue.

Minimum Maximum Price
50 Pieces 249 Pieces $1.94 USD
250 Pieces 374 Pieces $1.88 USD
375 Pieces 5000 Pieces $1.84 USD
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