Wholesale only?

Yes, this website is for businesses, hospitals, non-profits, and other organizations ordering a minimum of $100.  If you are an individual wanting over $90 of product, please give us a call.

What is the fluid inside these handmade novelty items?

It is a food-safe oil. It cannot evaporate like cheap imports filled with water!

Can I have custom printing on the outside of these items?

Yes, check out our custom printing page. We print in white which is the most readable color against our ingredients.

Can you customize the inside with ingredients other than what’s on your website?

Yes, check out our customized products page, then please call for more info. Brian at 512-619-1166 in the USA.

How quickly do you ship?

Unless we are making a color we are out of, we normally ship orders within 2 days. HOWEVER… please add extra days for the shipping time as well. Sometimes we are out of a color and have to make more.  If you are concerned about a deadline, call for confirmation.

Are they really handmade in the USA?

Absolutely!  Read our page and see photos of the process.

Can you produce very large orders?

Yes, call us. We have done 10,000 piece orders and larger in the past.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1988.