You are the magic, we just make the wand… 

Our oil and glitter-filled wands are handmade in Austin, Texas USA – one by one!

They are bought by retail gift shops, novelty toys, marketing organizations, hospitals as distraction tools for children’s medical procedures and for meditation. Surprising to us, over the years the majority have been bought by adults, who find them meditative as they sooth anxiety, calm restlessness and help people think.

Compare all our wands on one page showing ingredients, prices and colorsCustom printing is available.

I have been making hand-making novelty items in the USA since 1988. Thanks for supporting me and for supporting hand-made in the USA for so many years! Keep small businesses alive!


“They are so beautiful and an absolute hit with both students and staff! Thank you so much for your help. We will definitely be ordering from you again in the future!” – Briceland McLaughlin, Coordinator for Academic Enrichment Programs, University of Maryland.

Beautiful little wands. These are so pretty, and the display box is perfect. I really appreciate the info sheet that came in the box that shows how the wands are made by hand. It is fun to share that with customers! The wands are selling really well already. Thanks so much.

Best Sellers that Young and Old Love!
We sell these wands like crazy. Kids love them as magic wands and adults love them because they are nostalgic. They are also popular with people who buy crystals and tarot decks. The price can’t be beat and we love that they are made in USA. Great communication from seller and quick shipping makes this one of our favorite brands. The tiny acrylic display is fabulous too!!!!!

Growing Through Games
Amazing product and great customer service. These wands are beautiful and a good seller in my shop. The customer service and communication was excellent. Will definitely be buying again in the future.

eMail or call : 512-619-1155

We’ve had many names for our product; focus tool, focus wands, meditation wands, wizard wands, magic wands, glitter sticks, star wands, medical distraction tools, Metallic Wands, Retro Wands and Prismatic Wands.

Our wands are also used as a medical procedure distraction tool

I sell over 8,000 wands each year as a valuable tool for medical procedures involving children. These wands provide a distraction for children undergoing medical treatments, reducing their anxiety and discomfort, and helping them cope with the experience.

Medical procedures can be scary and overwhelming for children, and the use of distraction techniques has been shown to be an effective way to reduce their anxiety and discomfort. Distraction tools like Zipadeedoodah’s wands provide a fun and engaging way for children to focus their attention away from the medical procedure, allowing healthcare providers to perform the necessary treatments without causing undue stress or trauma.

Research has shown that distraction techniques can be effective in reducing pain, anxiety, and distress in children undergoing medical procedures. The use of distraction tools can help children cope with the discomfort and stress associated with medical procedures, resulting in a more positive experience and better outcomes.

They also have a psychological impact on children undergoing medical treatments. By providing a fun and engaging distraction, these wands help children feel more in control of the situation, reducing their feelings of helplessness and anxiety. This sense of control can help children feel more confident and empowered, making it easier for them to cope with the medical procedures they are undergoing.


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