Flowing Wands, handmade in the USA, one-by-one!

Our Oil and glitter-filled wands are handmade in Austin, Texas USA – one by one! These mesmerizing wands are bought by organizations and retail businesses for; medical distraction tools for children’s medical procedures, novelty toys, for marketing giveaways, meditation, and as advertising premiums and specialties.

* Compare all our wands on one page, including prices, colors, and printing.

We offer wholesale pricing to anyone (minimum $100 order) but sell mostly to businesses, retailers, non-profits, marketing companies, schools, hospitals, therapists, and other organizations.  *Your retail markup will be 100+%.

Custom printing is available.


“They are so beautiful and an absolute hit with both students and staff! Thank you so much for your help. We will definitely be ordering from you again in the future!” – Briceland McLaughlin, Coordinator for Academic Enrichment Programs, University of Maryland.

We’ve had many names for our product; focus tool, focus wands, meditation wands, wizard wands, magic wands, glitter sticks, star wands, medical distraction tools, Metallic Wands, Retro Wands and Prismatic Wands

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