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Genuine Gemstones Teeny Wands


   “All that glitters is not gold.” ~ Shakespeare

THE REAL THING, BABY.  In the case of our popular durable acrylic Gemstone Wands, not being gold’s a good thing.

Lovely polished semi-precious stones form the foundation of this teeny wand.  Colored shaded by Nature, gemstones drift through food safe liquid forever. Each gem holds special meaning to the bearer. Crusading knights carried mystical gemstones in the belief that luck, protection, and bravery would follow. They’re encased in a rock-solid acrylic wand. The Genuine Gemstones 6″ Teeny Wands are hand made in the U.S.A. with a little help from Nature.

As you can imagine, tiny-sized Gemstone Wands let you transport magic anywhere. Size 6” long x 3/8” diameter. Hand made by us, one by one! And, you can order any quantity of any color of any item on this website.

Yes, we do really make all our wands from scratch. We start by cutting plastic tube. The background sand color we color in-house ourselves, so we offer a rich range of 15 colors. We insert a food grade oil to keep things safe and prevent them from drying out. Imported copies of our products often use water inside and this actually evaporates through the wall of the plastic over time. Our products never dry out!We hand scoop and measure all the ingredients filling each tube with a funnel.

Then the final magic is encased inside the tube, when with the artful twist of a hand, we seal the top. It’s a long process but we are committed to keeping the materials and the work right here in the USA.  Be sure and check out our catalog of novelty items.

Size: 6″ long x 3/8″ diameter – The wholesale order minimum is $100.

Discounts include all items combined!

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50 Pieces 249 Pieces1.95 USD Fixed Price
250 Pieces 374 Pieces1.88 USD Fixed Price
375 Pieces 5000 Pieces1.84 USD Fixed Price