Printing, promotion & advertising with Zipadeedoodah novelties

Printing, promotion & advertising with Zipadeedoodah novelty products is a snap and printed in-house with our handmade products & ECO ink printing!

Image of Teeny Wands with color printing on them


We can help you with your design if you don’t have art. For example, birth announcement printed on our Twisted Teeny Wands (shown below)!  Do you need to; create a new product for your store, provide giveaways for events, incentives, promotions for trade shows or product announcements?  Call Brian at (512) 619-1155.

Image of Teeny wands with It's a Buy and It's a girl printed on them

Check out some photos of the handmade process here. And see our products.  Whether it is advertising, promotions or just new products for your brick and mortar or online retail store, we might have a solution for you.

Thanks for supporting small businesses in the USA.