Hand made

Hand Made in the USA

“Yes, we actually hand make our wands and key chains right here in the USA… go figure.”  We will never have ours products made overseas!

We start by cutting plastic tube that we have custom extruded to size.

Image of a saw cutting plastic


After closing one end of the tube, we fill the tubes with a food grade oil. Cheap import copies of our products filled with water will evaporate through the plastic wall as time passes. Our wands will never evaporate. We have had a customer contact us that had one of our key chains for over 15 years!

Image filling our wands with food grade mineral oil

The colored background sand is hand colored by us through a ‘secret’ process. We have fine tuned 15 different colors.

Image showing colored sand we put inside our products


Using funnels to fill various ingredients into tubes. In the past I attempted to design various types of equipment to do this automatically, but people are almost as fast and in the end I wanted to employ people instead.

Image showing pouring sand into products using a funnel


Glitter of course… very tiny glitter that is very hard to find.

Image of a hand with stars glitter on fingers


And finally the magic hand touch, closing the tubes and sealing in all the goodness!

Image for hands sealing the tops of wand tubes

Since 1988 we have hand made all our novelty items at Zipadeedoodah, located just outside of Austin, Texas.