More Product Customization

Hand Made novelties at ziponline.comProduct Customization of Length and Ingredients

Note that customized orders have to be placed over the phone or by email. The shopping cart cannot handle them at this time. There is a $10.00 setup fee to make customized items ~ per order.

Cost per customized piece ~ discount already included

.        $2.25 – Customized Teeny Wands 3/8″ diameter Wands (up to 6″ long)
.        $3.50 – Customized Large Wands 5/8″ diameter wands (up to 11″ long)
               NOTE: there are no additional discounts, it’s the same for any quantity up to 500 pieces. [row][/row]

Custom Length

We can make lengths from 3″ to 11″. Note that shorter lengths do not cost less since our labor time, not materials, is the primary factor.

Sand Color

Background ‘sand’ is the main background color you see that fills most of the item. We have 15 colors to choose from; Lime Green (light green), Emerald Green (Medium green), Light Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Burgundy, White (frost), Tangerine (orange), Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Silver, Gold.  See some of the steps in our hand made process.

Image of Teeny Wands in 15 colors [row][/row]

Image of a hand with stars glitter on fingertipsGlitter

We do have the following glitter  available for inclusion until supplies run out; stars glitter, hands glitter, sea-life glitter, lightning bolts glitter, butterflies glitter. There are a limited number of glitter colors and they change over time. Also, our items such as dice, gemstones, and seashells will only fit inside the large wands and key holders because of the larger internal diameter. We can insert your own items as long as they are narrower than .3″ or .25″ (1/4″).[row][/row]

STANDARD lengths of our items.

Key-Holders  –  5/8″ diameter 3-1/2″ long.
Large Wands  –  5/8″ diameter x 11″ long.
Teeny Wands  –  3/8″ diameter x 6 “long.

We can also print your custom logo or text on our wands in full color as well.