Wholesale Wands Made in USA

Zipadeedoodah hand fabricates wholesale glitter filled wands right here in the USA.

We encourage you to allow us to be creative in assisting you in customizing our product for your own product, advertising giveaways or promotional needs.

We specialize in low quantities at very reasonable costs. This includes printing full color with high-resolution detail directly on our own, or on other products. Our printing inks are ECO-friendly, they cure with ultraviolet light. There are no volatile solvents used! We can produce large quantities of handmade oil filled wands and have done so since 1988.

What’s inside?

Our wands are filled with a slow cascading mix of brilliant stars and colored sand floating in a food-safe oil. Our oil never dries out and imparts a calm and graceful motion.

You can see a little about how we make them here.

Let us be creatively involved with your project. Maybe we can help you solve a problem… Call 512-619-1155.  We hope to hear from you!