This is the home page for Zipadeedoodah with wholesale novelty key chains and magic wands. We hand make everything here in-house. Some products we have are the Prismatic key chain, Prismatic wands, gemstone key chains and gemstone wand.

This is a WHOLESALE website for businesses and organizations. We have been making novelty items in the USA since 1988. Everything is hand made in the USA, from cutting and melting the plastic tube to coloring the sand inside! We are located just outside of Austin Texas, in Leander and have a couple of employees that help make novelties and cool stuff.

215 Satellite Ave
Satellite Beach, FL. 32937

We only sell the smaller 6″ inch Teeny wands on this website.

Large wands only are NO LONGER sold through Zipadeedoodah. Yes, we DO still make and sell the 6″ smaller Teeny Wands (3/8″ x 6″) on this website now, in Smooth and Twisted.

Large Wands (5/8″ x 11″) ONLY can now be ordered out of Texas throu

Wizard’s Workshop
Dave Reese
3404 Rock Hill Dr
Lago Vista, Tx. 78645